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Screw steel refresh high point, short-term operation
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Market situation: rb2110 contract reached a new high on Monday, with an increase of 1.36% compared with the closing price of the previous trading day; Positions of 1600371, - 28723; The basis is - 101, + 38; The price difference of rb2105-rb2110 is - 17, + 32.

News: on April 26, according to Mysteel statistics, the total inventory of the national steel market was 11.7197 million tons, with a decrease of 6.09% on a weekly basis, including 8.22% decrease in construction steel inventory, 3.97% decrease in hot coil inventory, 2.99% increase in medium plate inventory, and 0.81% decrease in cold rolled coating inventory. The total inventory of steel continued to decline, of which construction steel decreased by ¥ *.

Market quotation: 20 mm HRB400 grade III rebar Shanghai quotation 5270, + 10; Guangzhou quotation 5300, + 30; Tianjin offer 5240, + 30; Fuzhou quotation 5340, + 50; The national average price is 5237, + 34 (unit: yuan / ton).

Warehouse Receipt Inventory: the warehouse receipt of screw thread steel in the previous period was 7521 tons, decreased by 1481 tons.

Main position: the top 20 net positions in the main contracts today were 86930 more than net positions. The decrease of main positions was larger than that of empty orders, with a net decrease of 25820 hands.

Conclusion: rb2110 contract reached a new high on Monday, and the spot market quotation increased significantly. At present, the domestic environmental protection policy is still under high pressure, stimulating the confidence of bulls. Spot market prices rose sharply over the weekend, businesses are generally optimistic about the festival. Last week, the weekly production of rebar continued to increase, while the inventory declined for the seventh consecutive week, and the overall terminal demand for construction steel continued to release. At present, we need to pay attention to that, as the price continues to rise, downstream customers are more resistant to this high price. Technically, the 1-hour MACD index of rb2110 contract shows that diff and DEA run above the 0 axis, and the red column shrinks. In terms of operation, it is suggested that for short-term, high selling and low buying should be considered in 5400-5300 interval, with stop loss of 30 yuan / ton( Source: Ruida futures)
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