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Shougang fund won the title of "responsible and honest commitment enterprise"
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On March 15, the 6th Beijing integrity Beijing evening party was held. Shougang fund won the title of "responsible integrity commitment enterprise" by adhering to ESG investment concept and actively participating in environmental protection REITs strategic investment, and became the industrial fund and asset management brand of Beijing city.
The theme of this year's Beijing TV 3.15 evening party is "shared responsibility". It talks about civic responsibility, focuses on economic transformation, promotes the construction of Beijing's credit system, and joins hands in the road of high-quality development. Beijing local financial supervision and Administration Bureau, Beijing market supervision bureau, Beijing Economic and Information Bureau, Beijing Development and Reform Commission, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Management Committee, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing fund industry association, Beijing Consumer Association and Zhongguancun Credit Promotion Association reached a consensus and jointly created the capital's credit system construction. Among them, * * * takes responsible investment as the key content to disseminate to the public. The evening party interviewed the Lujiashan domestic waste incineration power generation project in which Shougang fund team is participating to demonstrate the actual effect of ESG investment concept, green finance and carbon neutral goal.
Shougang fund started in 2011 and now has a fund scale of 50 billion yuan. It invests deeply in the industries of Beijing and Hong Kong, creates excellent industrial integration fund and asset management organization in the fields of environmental protection, parking, medical treatment, new energy and infrastructure REITs, implements ESG investment concept and lean operation management concept, and empowers the invested enterprises, To help the industrial upgrading and development.
The fund team of Shougang is participating in the pilot project of using Lujiashan domestic waste incineration power generation project as the basic asset to apply for the approval of public raised REITs. The funds raised will be used to continuously improve the garbage treatment capacity in the future, and build a solid waste comprehensive treatment and utilization base integrating the treatment of domestic waste, kitchen waste and construction waste, so as to become a model of green cycle and low-carbon development in China, Better improve the level of waste treatment in Beijing and help green development.

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