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Fangda special steel: new kinetic energy driving development of fine foundation consolidation
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The annual average value of steel PMI in 2020 is 46.1%, which is 1.1% lower than that in the same period of 2019. Overall, the development of steel industry in 2020 will slow down. According to the data of China Association of steel, the profit per ton of large and medium-sized steel benchmarking enterprises in 2020 will decrease by 5.54% compared with the previous year.
Fangda special steel, a listed company of Liaoning Fangda group, once again handed in a beautiful report card in 2020, with a number of core data increasing by more than 30%. According to the annual report of 2020 released on the evening of March 16, the company realized an operating profit of 3.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.63%; The total profit was 3.073 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 31.08%; The owner's equity attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 9.094 billion yuan, up 38.98% year on year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 2.140 billion yuan, up 25.08% year on year. As of 17:00 on March 16, among the 25 mainstream steel listed companies that have disclosed their annual reports in 2020, the weighted average return on equity of Fangda special steel is temporarily listed.
It is also noted that the profit of large special steel in China ranks among the benchmarking enterprises of China Steel Association. This is the company after 2017, once again ranked first in the industry list.
In this regard, the person in charge of the company said that in 2020, as the closing year of China's 13th five year plan, under the policy dividend, China's economy will continue to recover steadily. Fangda special steel adheres to the main keynote of seeking progress in stability. Through fine management and cultivating new kinetic energy, it will achieve stable and good production and operation, and further show its profitability and relative competitiveness. The growth of corporate profits also brings returns to investors. The company plans to distribute cash dividends of 11 yuan (including tax) to all shareholders for every 10 shares based on the total capital stock of 2.156 billion shares as of December 31, 2020, totaling 2.372 billion yuan (including tax).
Fine management of production, supply and marketing linkage
The company implements the concept of stable and balanced production. From the perspective of the whole production chain and the whole process, the company coordinates the integration and linkage operation between processes. Under the premise of ensuring safety, environmental protection and quality, the company continues to carry out comprehensive cost reduction activities. It does not blindly pursue single index improvement, but promotes the overall efficiency with the improvement of overall production efficiency.
Combined with the market resources, optimize the coal blending structure, establish a supplier inspection and price dynamic coordination mechanism, develop a large number of new raw and fuel resources supply platform, introduce a new type of coal injection resources, which is 35 yuan / ton lower than the existing resources; The comprehensive yield rate of steel rolling has been in the forefront of China Steel Association for a long time; Further consolidate the upgrading results of rolling slitting process for straight bar rebar, ﹤ 12 mm and ﹤ 14 mm specifications to achieve five slitting production, and ﹥ 16 mm specifications to complete four slitting process upgrading, and the slitting process has reached the domestic advanced level; Focusing on the stable and economic operation of the equipment, the basic management of the equipment was strengthened, and the operation control was strengthened. The production cost and equipment operation and maintenance expenses were effectively controlled in each process of coking, ironmaking, steel-making and steel rolling. The annual equipment management cost was reduced by 14.46 yuan / ton steel. In the benchmarking ranking of Sinosteel, the manufacturing cost of grade III steel bar, the cost of steel bar, and the cost of equipment operation and maintenance were effectively controlled The manufacturing cost of non alloy wire rod and low alloy steel billet keeps the leading level in the industry; According to the market situation of steel products, the marketing strategy was adjusted rapidly, and the sales volume of profitable products was increased under the condition of meeting the order delivery. The proportion of high-efficiency product specification of rebar was nearly 40% in the whole year.
At the same time, we extensively carried out the activities of small-scale reform and small-scale reform, repairing the old and recycling the waste, and achieved an annual efficiency of more than 90 million yuan, of which the input-output ratio of small-scale reform and small-scale leather reached 1:5.
Energy saving and consumption reducing with "green" to increase efficiency
In recent years, according to Fang Wei, chairman of the board of directors of Liaoning Fangda group, Fangda special steel has continuously increased investment in environmental protection in accordance with the deployment spirit of "environmental protection work should be in the forefront of the same industry, and environmental protection indicators should meet the strict emission standards at home and abroad and the ultra-low emission standards in the future", To achieve a win-win situation of energy conservation and environmental protection and cost reduction and efficiency increase, it has become a class 3A tourist attraction.
According to relevant statistics, the annual water consumption of iron and steel industry is about 4.2 billion cubic meters, accounting for about 3% of the total industrial water consumption in China. In order to further promote water conservation, the Ministry of water resources issued 18 industrial water quotas for steel and thermal power generation on December 26, 2019, which will be implemented from February 1, 2020.
Fangda special steel has grasped the characteristics of heavy rainfall in South China, invested in the construction of water treatment center, added the functions of initial rainwater collection and treatment, refined allocation of water resources, and greatly reduced the new water consumption per ton of steel; First, we should carry out fine management, track the production of sewage and wastewater, explore the balanced inflow of sewage treatment station, and apply technologies such as water use by quality, recycling and end disposal and reuse to limit the reuse of wastewater resources, improve the reuse rate of water and reduce the water consumption per ton of steel. Since 2016, the company's fresh water consumption per ton of steel has kept a downward trend, with a decrease of 22.62% in 2020 compared with that in 2019, saving 710000 cubic meters of fresh water.
At the same time, actively carry out research and tackling key problems in comprehensive utilization of coal gas, improve gas recovery and utilization rate, make full use of waste heat, residual gas, residual pressure and other secondary energy sources for power generation. In 2020, the self generating capacity will increase by 76.61 million kwh compared with that of the previous year, reaching a record high; By scientifically organizing peak load shifting and optimizing the load capacity of substations, the annual capacity cost is saved by more than 9.8 million yuan.
Intelligent empowerment of scientific and technological innovation
Speed up the transformation and upgrading, cultivate new kinetic energy. In 2020, Fangda special steel has made clear the development ideas and objectives of the current year and the next 5-10 years, making greater and greater strides on the road of high-quality development and gaining more and more benefits.
Work hard on the word "special" and develop high value-added products
The R & D investment of Fangda special steel in 2020 will increase by 14.48% compared with that of the previous year. Around the development trend of automobile lightweight, the provincial spring steel engineering technology research center of the company has carried out the development of high strength, high quality and special requirements of users around the development trend of automobile lightweight, and has produced nearly 100000 tons of new products with an efficiency of nearly 100 million yuan. Among them, 1800mpa high-strength spring steel was successfully developed and applied to the guide arm of automobile suspension system, which successfully replaced the imported products and won high praise from users; The 2000mPa spring flat steel, which represents the strength level of China's * *, has achieved phased results and successfully passed the road validation of high-end passenger cars by users, which is in the leading level in China. At the same time, we will promote the upgrading of steel products, successfully develop hrb500e high-strength steel bars and realize mass production and supply, and carry out the development and technical reserve of higher strength steel bars such as hrb600 and T63, so as to provide raw material guarantee for the future high-quality development and upgrading of construction industry in Jiangxi Province; Build a "four new" scientific research platform for new materials, new processes, new technologies and new products, and carry out 40 "four new" researches.
Gradually release the energy of informatization and cultivate new kinetic energy of benefit growth——
In 2020, the company will focus on the direction of optimization and improvement in management activities such as optimizing production, improving quality, reducing consumption, maintaining equipment, reducing costs and ensuring safety. It will pay close attention to the application trends of intelligent manufacturing, adopt the method of "invite in and go out", and actively develop intelligent technologies such as unmanned transformation and robot substitution. In the whole year, 6 intelligent technology application projects, including unmanned operation on slag catching vehicle site in blast furnace slag washing basin, intelligent identification of high-speed wire hook number in steel rolling plant, intelligent identification of railway scale iron standard and automatic tagging of deformed steel bar were completed, and 16 intelligent automation projects were under implementation.
Independent research and development of new robot welding process provides a solid and reliable repair capability for all heat-resistant and wear-resistant roller table, wear-resistant plate, castor plate, single roll, wear-resistant elbow, fan impeller surfacing, sintering trolley girder fracture repair and other projects, which can save more than 2 million yuan of outsourcing cost every year. In 2020, the company has obtained 13 patents and 1 computer software copyright, among which, the independent research and development of welding robot has won 4 invention patents.
Set up intelligent command center, integrate suppliers, enterprises and customers into a unified and seamless functional network chain, excavate and play the role of data as a new production factor, realize internal and external resource coordination, improve quality and efficiency, plug loopholes, and create considerable social and economic benefits for enterprises.

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