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Ministry of Finance: precise and effective implementation of positive fiscal policy
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The report on the implementation of China's fiscal policy in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the "report") issued by the Ministry of Finance on June 6 proposed that the active fiscal policy will be implemented accurately and effectively this year, so as to maintain the economic operation in a reasonable range.
The report proposes that we should strengthen the overall planning of financial resources and maintain a moderate intensity of expenditure. At the same time, we will fully implement the requirements of tight days and strictly control new expenditures. We should further improve and implement the direct access mechanism, expand the scope of direct funds from the central government, and improve the management level of direct funds. We will continue to promote tax reduction and fee reduction, intensify the efforts to rectify various types of illegal enterprise related charges, and maintain the continuity of the policy. According to the principle of "funds follow the project", make good use of local government special bonds, improve the performance of bond funds, and avoid "money and other projects".
According to the report, this year's proactive fiscal policy will continue to make efforts in expanding domestic demand, scientific and technological innovation, ensuring people's livelihood, Rural Revitalization and green development.
In terms of expanding domestic demand, the report proposes that it will actively expand investment space, optimize the investment structure, focus on making up for weaknesses in agriculture and rural areas, ecological environment protection, material reserves, disaster prevention and mitigation, and livelihood security, and promote the construction of major projects such as "two new and one heavy". We should give full play to the role of government investment, stimulate the vitality of private investment, and form an endogenous growth mechanism of market-oriented investment. We will increase tax, social security, and transfer payments to raise the income of the low-income group, expand the middle-income group, and promote the expansion of residents' consumption. We will speed up efforts to make up for the shortage of rural circulation, optimize the import tariff structure, and increase the import of high-quality products. We will implement the major regional strategies of the city. We will promote new urbanization with people as the core.
In terms of promoting innovation development and industrial upgrading, the report proposes that we should adhere to science and technology as a key area of fiscal expenditure, make a good fight on key core technologies, and support the acceleration of scientific and technological self-reliance. We will thoroughly implement the industrial foundation reconstruction project, optimize the insurance compensation policy for the first set of major equipment, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain supply chain. We will promote the development of Inclusive Finance, give full play to the role of government financing guarantee institutions, effectively alleviate the financing difficulties and high financing costs of small and micro enterprises, and stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises.
In terms of promoting green development, the report proposes to strengthen pollution prevention and control, and consolidate the experimental results of clean heating in winter in northern China. We will promote the establishment of a horizontal ecological compensation mechanism in the whole Yangtze River and yellow river basins. Strengthen soil pollution risk control and source prevention and control. We will promote the integrated protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses. We will actively support the response to climate change, optimize the energy structure, and increase the supply of renewable and clean energy.
The report proposes that we should improve the modern tax system, improve the local tax and direct tax system, promote the backward reform of consumption tax collection, and study the timely improvement of the individual income tax system combining comprehensive and classification. We will improve the financial system, and solidly promote the reform of the division of financial powers and expenditure responsibilities between the central and local governments in the fields of intellectual property protection.
In addition, the Ministry of finance will also focus on resolving the hidden debt risk of local governments. We should adhere to the priority of the "Three Guarantees" expenditure in the financial expenditure, strengthen the implementation monitoring, combine with the direct fund management, dynamically grasp the grass-roots implementation situation, strictly prohibit misappropriation and misappropriation of the "Three Guarantees" expenditure. For areas where the "Three Guarantees" guarantee is not in place, we should urge the local government to adjust the budget in time to make up for it, and take measures such as increasing financial support and increasing the proportion of funds retained, We will resolutely guard against the risks of "Three Guarantees" at the grassroots level.

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