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Cone shaped pipe products
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product texture of material Specifications Place of Origin
Cone shaped pipe products Q235B 66*3 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 66*7 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 60*5 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 60*9 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 60*4 Tianjin

 Tapered pipe
? The tapered pipe is small to 60mm in outer diameter, 450mm in diameter, 6mm ~ 40mm in thickness, 8m in length * *, and material: 20 × 10. The production of tapered pipe needs special equipment and advanced production technology, which can ensure the uniform wall thickness and the outer circle of the pipe meet the design requirements. Welcome to visit our factory.
? Most seamless tapered steel tubes are custom-made, so if the customer needs to mark the large end diameter, small end diameter, thickness, length, material and quantity, for example: 377 × one hundred and ninety-four × ten × 4600 mm 20 mm. In the design and production of tapered pipe, carbon steel material is widely used in the cone pipe. The main material is seamless carbon steel 20 ?. 20 ? steel has low hardenability and hardenability, good plasticity, toughness and weldability, and better toughness after hot rolling or normalizing. Due to the limitation of manufacturing process, the wall thickness of seamless cone-shaped steel pipe is 6 mm, the length is 8 m, the diameter is 60 mm and the diameter is 450 mm.
Calculate taper
Taper is used to calculate the cone size, and the slope is also called slope, which is used to calculate the slope size. For example, how much does 1:20 represent?? Or how many degrees 1:20 = (big d-small d): the cone length is the big head reduces the head division and the height, the obtained number is the tangent function value, and then look up the tangent function table to get the taper value.
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