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Quotation of conical shaped pipe
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 Tapered pipe
? 《 According to the circular, the total coal consumption in key cities should achieve negative growth compared with the previous year. According to the task of energy conservation and energy (coal) consumption control in the region, the province where the key cities are located shall decompose the target of coal reduction to each city (as required by the municipality directly under the central government by * * *), and the target shall not be lower than the task level of coal reduction in key areas required by the interim measures, and the key cities shall be decomposed into counties (districts) and key coal consuming enterprises.
? Cities with conditions are encouraged to set stricter targets for reducing coal consumption to a large extent. Cost analysis raw material market prices fell sharply, 62% Australian flour index fell 14 US dollars / ton to 44.5 US dollars / ton compared with last week, a decrease of - 23.93%. The main reason for such a large drop in iron ore is that the decline in the early stage of recovery, the finished products enter the off-season demand, and the market demand is down 40-50% compared with the previous period. Under the downward trend, the cone-shaped pipe steel plant's enthusiasm for raw material procurement is reduced. Under the market of buying up but not falling, the ore port inventory is greatly increased, and the growth rate is accelerated, and the market price of pressure ore is under pressure.

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Quotation of conical shaped pipe Q235B 45*86 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 41*79 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 46*82 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 44*79 Tianjin
Tapered pipe Q235B 41*90 Tianjin

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