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Special shaped steel pipe market in the last ten days
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September has come to an end, in the near future in the case of continuous weakening, domestic hot-rolled prices have been suppressed again, subject to upward constraints. Business mentality is empty, steel production week on month flat. With the coming of the national day, environmental protection and production restrictions are coming one after another. The price of the week before the national day may drive the price to a certain extent, but the market mentality is still empty after the national day. By the end of last ten days, the market of "Jinjiu" is not warm and tepid. Although the downstream demand has risen, there is no obvious improvement. The settlement is coming, and the holiday is coming. How will the hot rolling market perform before the festival.

It is close to the barrier in Daqing Yinjiang channel. Last week, the frequent weakening of futures prices, to the hot-rolled spot market conduction bad mood, in the general trend of futures down, hot-rolled spot market appeared light, making social inventory rise again 1.8%, the price has dropped 68 yuan. At the beginning of this week, the management and control in Tangshan area was tightened, and the sintering machine equipment and port transportation of steel enterprises were controlled from 22 to 27; 13 cities in Shandong also issued severe pollution weather warning. With the coming of the 11th National Day, the probability of the introduction of environmental protection and production restriction has increased, forming a certain support for the price of hot coil.

From a regional perspective, the current price of hot coil in North China is 3930-3690 yuan, that in Shanghai is 3620-3720 yuan, that in Guangzhou is 3720-3820 yuan, and that of manganese plate is 180-200 yuan.

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