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Tight supply of profiled steel pipe
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Domestic coke market is mainly stable and individual adjustment. At the beginning of the week, the price of some regions increased. In most areas, the blast furnace started at a high level, the demand for coke was good, and the purchase was more active. Since the end of last week, the blast furnace in Tangshan area of Hebei Province was closed for three consecutive days. The demand for coke was weakened, and the resistance to the continuous rise of coke price was strong.

In the middle of Zhou Dynasty, the environmental protection and production restriction in Changzhi of Shanxi, Linyi of Shandong and Tangshan of Hebei Province continued. Tangshan 4.3m coke oven production capacity exit, involving four coke enterprises, a total capacity of about 2 million, one of which has recently shut down the 4.3m coke oven in the plant; Affected by the blue sky campaign in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, some coking enterprises have limited their production by 70% so far. It is still uncertain whether they will stop production altogether.

The overall operating rate of coking enterprises decreased slightly, the order and shipment situation were good, the inventory remained low, traders were more active in seeking and ordering goods, and the market was generally optimistic. At the end of the week, blast furnace operation in most areas remained high, coke inventory decreased, and purchasing enthusiasm increased. Due to sufficient orders and tight supply of special-shaped steel pipes, some coking enterprises in Shanxi Province were willing to start the second round of increase, but the downstream side did not reply, and the prices of some steel products dropped slightly near the weekend, Most of the steel mills are against the rising of coking enterprises. Comprehensive consideration, at this stage, the overall inventory of coking enterprises is low, the atmosphere of market transactions is strong, and the bullish mentality of coking enterprises is strong, so it is expected that the domestic coke market will be stable and better next week.

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