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Futures price of special shaped steel pipe
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Domestic silicon manganese market maintains strong operation; The domestic ferrosilicon market is in good operation; The overall stable operation of domestic molybdenum market was maintained; Domestic vanadium series market continued to callback. According to the monitoring data of iron and steel cloud business platform, as of June 28, the mainstream quotation was 5700-5800 yuan / ton for 72 ferrosilicon, and 5800-6000 yuan / ton for 75 ferrosilicon. The mainstream price of ferromolybdenum is RMB 119000-120000 / T. The quoted price of sheet vanadium is 120000-123000 yuan / ton, that of ferrovanadium is 125000-130000 yuan / kWh, and that of vanadium nitrogen alloy is 185000-192000 yuan / ton.

The domestic silicon manganese market maintained a strong operation, and all the manufacturers reported that the spot sales were tight. The steel bidding for steel mills started in July, and most of them were East China steel works, while the 7900 pricing was a little difficult for East China steel plants. The bidding volume of Hegang group in July decreased compared with that of last month. From the perspective of the number of branch plants, Xuanhua Steel, Chenggang and Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. all decreased to varying degrees, but the other branches also increased, This round of steel bidding price is low, difficult to mine, port manganese ore inventory slightly increased, subject to the impact of the arrival of the port and the decline in purchasing enthusiasm of manufacturers, the port manganese ore quotation this week has not kept pace with the strong upward trend of silicon manganese.

This week, the ferrosilicon market has been consolidated and operated well, the market confidence has improved, the futures price of special-shaped steel pipes has risen, which has driven the price rise in the spot market. The first round of inquiry of Hegang has increased compared with that of last month, the steel bidding price has increased, and the suppliers are more willing to support the price. It is expected that the average price of ferrosilicon market in July will rise slightly.

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