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In the second half of the year, the demand for special-shaped steel pipe is still at a high level
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??? Steel mills make money, scrap steel can also get a share. According to the reporter's understanding, in the past month, scrap inventory of steel mills around the country has hardly increased, but the price of finished products in the downstream is strong, which once again raises the price of scrap in the market. In August, the demand for steel gradually turned warm, but the scope of environmental protection continued to expand, the situation of blast furnace maintenance in many places was frequent, and the output of molten iron decreased. In order to produce more steel, more scrap steel should be added. The scrap iron price was firm, and the scrap resources in the market were tight. It may be difficult to continue to rise.

??? Judging from the current strict production restriction order, is the possibility of steel price rising still very large“ Market demand for the second half of the year also began to heat up. With the fine-tuning of the policy, making up for the weakness of infrastructure construction will bring about the heating up of infrastructure investment. Therefore, the market's demand for the second half of the year has turned to be optimistic, which is also one of the main factors for the rise of steel prices. " Analysts told China times.

??? From the present point of view, the demand for profiled steel pipe in the second half of the year is still at a high level, which may be related to the investment plans of major projects in many places in the second half of the year. In early August, people from China Railway Corporation confirmed that "the fixed investment in railway will return to more than 800 billion yuan in 2018", while the original plan was only 732 billion yuan.

??? However, in the view of analysts, the current steel price has reflected the expectation of environmental protection and production restriction in the future and the expectation of rising demand. In other words, the current price has already raised the future price in place“ The steel price of about 4500 yuan / ton is already a relatively high price. If it continues to rise, it is not only lack of basic coordination, but also difficult for the downstream to bear the further rise of steel price. " Therefore, all parties should keep calm and rational expectations for the future market, and should not be further bullish, analysts said.
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