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The main supporting factor is the increase of stock digestion speed in the special-shaped steel pipe market
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??? Since the recent sharp drop in iron ore prices at the end of February, iron ore prices began to enter the low consolidation stage this week. The main supporting factors are the increase of inventory digestion speed in the special-shaped steel pipe market, the indirect increase in the prices of special-shaped steel pipes and the futures market, and the positive attitude of traders in supporting prices. In terms of transaction, with the end of production restriction in heating season, the enthusiasm of steel mills to take goods is fair. The purchase volume of steel mills in North China increases significantly, but the pace of purchasing on demand remains unchanged. The in plant inventory of steel mills in Tangshan and Hanxing areas is about 7-10 days.

??? In terms of transaction structure, the current net profit of steel mills is still 500 yuan / ton, so the demand is still dominated by Pb powder. Among them, the inventory of Pb powder in Caofeidian port has decreased significantly, and the price is about 10 yuan / T higher than that of Shandong port. However, some steel enterprises began to adjust the proportion and turn to jinbuba powder procurement, while the port jinbuba powder resources have increased slightly recently. Block ore transaction is OK, but the port block ore inventory is not tight, block ore premium since late March has maintained a fluctuation of 0.18 U.S. dollars, continued to rise pressure.

??? In terms of supply, the recent arrival volume of the six ports in the north is at a low level, but it shows a steady increase trend. In terms of shipment volume, the total amount of iron ore delivered from Australia and Brazil during the statistical period of 4.2-4.8 was 20.63 million tons, with a decrease of 5.534 million tons on a month on month basis, but the overall level was still at a high level, significantly higher than that in the same period last year. In terms of port inventory, it began to decline slightly last week, mainly due to the increase in the volume of goods picked up by steel mills in North China, and the average daily dredging volume of Jingtang Port increased significantly from 250000 tons / day to more than 300000 tons, but the proportion of trade minerals still did not decline significantly.

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