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Analysis of abnormal steel pipe rising again or partly boosting the market
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The purchasing volume of auto parts, motorcycle parts and other industries has declined obviously, and the market price is not enough. 2. Due to the weekend Tangshan special tube prices continue to pull up, the local market cold-rolled coil trading situation slightly improved, so this week's mainstream resource price decline narrowed.

Please see "cold rolling prediction" mainstream weak stability and strong 7.27 profile Market: Special shaped steel pipe Steel billet rose again or partly boosted the market analysis: 1. Billet rose again on Friday 302. There was continued rising demand after stabilization 3. The transaction situation slightly improved, please see [profile prediction] billet rose again or partially boosted the market 7.27 stainless steel market: lunni slightly down, price stable with drop analysis: last week, lunni fell 80 to 11340, short-term up test resistance level, The market enters the month end sprint performance stage, the merchants maintain the profit to take the goods operation, the short-term trend is stable and weak. For details, please see [stainless steel prediction] LUNI's price fell slightly, but fell by 7.27. Seamless pipe Market: the market opened on Monday with a stable price. Analysis: Although the prices of raw materials such as steel billet and mineral powder have rebounded, the impact is limited relative to the current market fundamentals. The price of some branch factories intends to increase, but * * has not been realized, and the downstream wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong.

Businesses said that the current market demand is low, even if the cost moves up, there is a lack of support. In view of the stable operation of the market in the short term, businesses generally keep low inventory and operate cautiously. According to the market prices of important means of production in the circulation field released on the website of the Bureau of statistics on July 24, China's steel prices maintained a downward trend in the middle of July. The decline of five of the six major steel varieties slowed down compared with the first ten days, and the decline of angle steel expanded by 0.6 percentage points compared with the first ten days. Data show that in mid July, rebar( Φ The market price was 1983.8 yuan / ton, down 2.2% on a ten day basis( Related articles: Stable operation of domestic special-shaped pipe Market
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