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Affected by the import of special-shaped pipes and the decline of port inventory
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In the same period of last year, the inventory was 7.5788 million tons, down 0.66% or 50000 tons on a year-on-year basis. It can be seen that the overall demand is still weaker than that of the same period last year, and the inventory has dropped to the level of the same period last year. Specifically, the recent decline in market prices, Xiaobian believes that there are the following four reasons.

1. Affected by the import volume of special-shaped pipes and the decline of port inventory, the spot mine performance is strong, the spot market continues to be weak, steel mills are suffering from losses, and the overall enthusiasm for production has been significantly weakened, but due to market share and credit and other factors, there is no large-scale reduction in production.

2. With Special shaped steel pipe With the continuous weakening of spot price, obvious arbitrage space has appeared between spot price and rebar futures price, which leads to the continuous decline of commodity futures market price and the decline of overall market confidence.

3. After entering the "Meiyu" season, the progress of downstream projects has been continuously disturbed by the rain. This week, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have experienced continuous heavy rainfall. As the saying goes, "the house leakage happens to rain at night, and the ship is late, it is the first wind". The market volume has dropped rapidly, which has dragged down the market price.

4. With the end of June and the half year assessment of banks approaching, the acceptance discount rate of large banks in the Yangtze River Delta has risen at a low level, and the capital in the market may fall into a tense situation again. The decrease of the activity of the spot market is not conducive to the stabilization of prices. For the next week's market, in view of the weather and capital situation is still not optimistic, domestic construction steel prices or still maintain the inertial downward trend( Related articles: China is digesting new iron ore supply

Abroad: in the US economy, industrial output and manufacturing output both fell unexpectedly in May; In June, the New York Fed's manufacturing index plummeted, reaching a level of more than two years; In June, the NAHB builder confidence index rebounded, hitting a record high since September last year. In Canada, food sales fell by more than a year and a half, and manufacturing sales fell unexpectedly in March. In Japan, the government raised the capital expenditure assessment, but maintained the overall economic assessment unchanged.
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