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In April, the price of elliptical shaped steel pipe also fell by 100 yuan / ton
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In terms of steel mills, WISCO announced the April price yesterday Oval shaped steel pipe The price also fell by 100 yuan / ton, indicating that steel mills are not very optimistic about the market, and merchants should be cautious in operation. The price of cold rolled coil in Chengdu fell slightly. Since March, the market demand has been growing slowly, and the cold rolling inventory is still at a high level. Due to the continuous drop of hot-rolled and medium plate prices, the cold-rolled price is affected. It is expected that the price of domestic cold rolling market will continue to be weak in the short term and slow down. News: Asia steel plans to invest 6 billion pesos to build a steel plant in the Philippines, which will certainly become one of the world's most modern steel mills. With an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons, the steel plant will continue to strive for a balance between technology and environment.
The spot market price of building materials rose on the 12th. Prices in Shanghai, Nanning, Changsha, Chongqing and Guiyang fell by 10-30 yuan / ton. The market price of Hangzhou, Hefei, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an and Lanzhou increased by 10-90 yuan / ton. Among them, the price increase in Beijing and Tianjin is RMB 80-90 / T. At present, the average price of HRB400 (20mm) in the national market is 2480 / T, which is 8 yuan / T higher than the price on the previous trading day.
According to the feedback from the market, the fluctuation in the early night trading of luo1510 was strong, closing at 2473, up 0.37%; In the early trading period, the snail 1510 opened at 2473 yuan, up 0.37% from the previous settlement price. It is learned from the market that the ex factory price of steel mills in Jiangsu Province remained flat yesterday, which led to high resource cost and serious loss of dealers in Spring Festival. In addition, they were worried that the ex factory price of steel mills would still be high and the cost of special-shaped pipes would be high. Therefore, the quoted price would go up steadily. According to traders, due to the demand has not recovered after the Spring Festival, the market price has continued to fall, but from this week, downstream procurement has resumed, and traders' shipment has improved. On the whole, the environmental protection in northern China will benefit the market, but the price rise still depends on the downstream procurement( Related information: It is difficult to effectively drive the price of oval shaped steel pipe
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